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Num 4:29-33
Intercession for the House of God

This is the service of the families of the sons of Merari, according to all their service in the tent of meeting, under the direction of Ithamar the son of Aaron the priest. (Num 4:33)

- The passage describes the duties of the Merarites and introduces their priestly leader Ithamar the son of Aaron.

Who is God?
- He builds His house and calls His servants to tend it and grow it.

Out of the two remaining sons of Aaron, it seems that Ithamar takes the less prestigious place than Eleazar, who was “the chief to the leaders of Levi, and had the oversight of those who perform the duties of the sanctuary (Num 3:32).” By comparison, Ithamar is mentioned twice briefly as having the Gershonites (hangings, curtains, coverings, screens) and the Merarites (boards, bars, pillars, sockets, pegs and cords) under his direction, respectively (Num 3:28, 33)

HOWEVER, our Lord Jesus, whose house we are and whose Spirit—this treasure with the surpassing greatness of the power—dwells in earthen vessels, came as the son of a carpenter. It is very likely that he spent a good part of his thirty years under His earthly parents helping His father’s business of carpentry, working on wood and stone, etc. Yet, He knew Who He Was and was on fire with zeal for the House of God. Whether planing a board smooth, sawing through it, or chiseling a stone into a proper shape, His thought must have always reached to the house of God in Jerusalem, nay, most ultimately to the House of God whose house we are (Heb 3:6).

Then, we should grow to give thought and heart to the house of God as well. What do the Scriptures say about it?

First, we should trust God and draw close to Him first and foremost. Psalm 127:1 confesses in a Song of Ascents of Solomon that “unless the LORD builds the house, they labor in vain who build it; unless the LORD guards the city, the watchman keeps awake in vain.” It is God who builds and keeps His house, so we must please Him and draw near Him always.

Second, we should grow to love His glory and His kingdom. The disciples and the Scripture testify that our Lord Himself had & has zeal for His house, particularly in recalling His act of cleansing the Temple (Jn 2:17). To love His glory and to have “the only true divine zeal” for His House should mean nothing other than desiring it as the Lord desires it to be—My house shall be called a house of prayer—and praying yourselves. Yes, for the House of God AND as a Temple of God yourself, you must pray so that the Glory of God might dwell and appear in you and through you.

Third, we should grow and work for all members of the house to restore, connect and grow together. When each vessel in the House is purified, the house will be restored (2 Tim 2:20). When we grow in true holiness and our true sacrifices, the house of God whose house we are will grow (1 Pet 2:5). Especially, when we are grounded in truth and grow in connecting with one another and loving one another, we will grow (1 Tim 3:15, Eph 2:20-21).

Just as our Lord showed an example Himself, may I grow in my intercession and devotion for the house of God—whose house we are. How? By drawing close to Him always. By a life of devoted prayer for His glory and kingdom. And by growing in love for the Body to restore, connect and grow. Though I may be physically away from the church, I am part of the building, part of His House. Also, as Psalm 127 shows, the house of God applies to the families of God and the generations of God (Ps 127:3-5) as well. I should and we all ought to pray in trust, and for the glory, and for all members to grow in the house of God.

Lord, help me fervently intercede for Your House—whose house we are. Lord, help me always look to You, pray for Your glory and kingdom, and pray for all members to restore, connect and grow together. In Jesus Christ’s Name, I pray. Amen

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묵상, 연합하여 세워가는 하나님의 나라, 민 4:29

○너는 므라리 자손도 그 조상의 가문과 종족에 따라 계수하되


므라리 자손의 회막 봉사 규정이다

Who is God
하나님은 당신의 모든 백성들이 연합하여 하나님의 나라를 세워가기 원하신다.


레위의 셋째 아들 므라리 자손도 회막 봉사를 위하여 계수 되어야 했다.  회막을 세우고 옮기며 관리하는 작업은  한 두 사람이나 한 두 가문으로 가능한 일이 아니었다. 긴밀한 연합을 필요로 하는 작업이었다.  지금까지 민수기에서 기록되는 여러가지 다양한 레위인들의 회막 봉사 업무 규정은 수 많은 사람들의 연합을 통하여만 회막이 세워지고 운반된다는  연합의 원리를 가르친다.  우리 교회가 주께서 원하시는 사명을 감당하기 위해서는 마찬가지로 연합이 필요하다.  모든 지체들이 일사불란하게 연합하면서 움직여야 건강한 몸이 유지되듯, 모든 벽돌이 빠짐없이 연결되어야 아름다운 건물이 세워지듯, 하나님의 나라에서는  절대적으로 연합이 필요하다.  손가락 하나만 없어도 얼마나 불편한가. 지체 하나만 없어도 몸은 약해진다. 개인뿐 아니라 교회도 연합해야 한다.  고핫 자손이나 게르손  자손외, 므라리 자손도  회막 봉사나 운반에  필요하듯,  하나님의 나라를 세워가는데 모든 교회들이 연합하며 기도해야 할 것이다.

Sin to avoid, 다른 교회와 연합하는 것에 관심이 없는 것을 회개한다
Promise to hold, 하나님은 연합할 때 축복하신다.
Action to take place, 더욱 연합의 스피릿을 개발하자

하나님 아버지,  우리 교회 모든 성도들이 서로 사랑하며 연합하게 하소서.  이 땅의 모든 교회들이 서로 연합하며 함께 하나님의 나라를 세워가게 하소서.

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