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Num 19:11-19
On the Third Day and the Seventh Day


That one shall purify himself from uncleanness with the water on the third day and on the seventh day, and then he will be clean; but if he does not purify himself on the third day and on the seventh day, he will not be clean. (Num 19:12)


- Water to remove impurity is to be applied to a person that touched a dead body, on the third and the seventh days. Then, he will become clean.

Who is God?
- He wants to cleans us from all sin and death.
- He gave us the Blood and the Water (which fundamentally contains the Blood) to remove impurity. And He beckons us to apply them, in genuine repentance and wholehearted acceptance of His forgiveness.


“Water to remove impurity” has the ashes of a heifer, which includes its almost everything, hide, flesh, blood and even refuse. It has to be applied on the third and the seventh days.

The whole purification kicks off because He laid it all down. But it doesn’t stop there! We know that the Lord rose on the third day and He made it complete—seven is a number of perfection. You must repent for all sins. When you repent, you must believe in His resurrection, knowing that the One who forgives you has overcome death. Once you repent, you must believe in the perfection of His forgiveness. 


Lord, help me live in repentance, where I always repent immediately and truly, and once I repent, I accept Your forgiveness completely. In Jesus Christ’s Name, I pray. Amen

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